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Meet the Zookies: Organic, hand-crafted, nutritious animal crackers packed with flavor and personality. Zookies are the creation of Kate Trauth, RN, who spent most of her thirty year career working directly with women and children. It was Kate's love for children that inspired Zookies and Zookie characters in early 2016. Wanting to extend healthy snack options to the rest of the family, she recently developed Zookie Rounds: All the goodness of Zookies in a round cookie, lightly brushed with lemon glaze.; and Zenergy Bars packed with fruit, seeds, nuts and grains for optimal on-the-go energy. Each Zookie product is pure, wholesome, and delicious because they're baked in small batches with top quality ingredients like rolled oats, whole wheat flour and honey. NO cane sugar, NO high-fructose corn syrup, NO additives or preservatives.  

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